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[iaoa-swao] IAOA SWAO SIG Monthly Meeting n.08, 05 June 2014

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From: "Frank Loebe" <frank.loebe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 23:27:35 +0200
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Dear all,    (01)

please find below edited notes from the June session (Jun 05, 2014). They
comprise action items for Mike Bennett, Naicong Li, and Frank Loebe.     (02)

If there are any comments or modifications, please let me know.    (03)

My apologies for the extreme delay in providing the notes. I'll comment on
this in another message, also regarding the next meeting.    (04)

Please note that I don't distribute these meeting notes to the [iaoa-member]
mailing list, since the content appears rather technical to me and thus of
low interest for the overall readership of [iaoa-member], except for the
news of Andrea's stepping down as co-chair. However, that news will also be
part of a Public Report of the IAOA-EC meeting of Jun 16, 2014 and thus
reach the membership. If anyone for any reason prefers differently regarding
the forwarding to [iaoa-member], please feel free to do so yourself or just
let me know.    (05)

I apologize for the delay,
best regards,
Frank    (06)

= IAOA SWAO SIG Team Meeting =
Thursday 05 June 2014 - n.08    (07)

* ElieAbiLahoud
* FrankLoebe
* LeoObrst
* MikeBennett
* MikeDean
* NaicongLi
* ToddSchneider    (08)

* AndreaWesterinen    (09)

Meeting page link:
[1] http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_SWAO_SIG#nid4DTN    (010)

== Agenda ==    (011)

=== items discussed ===    (012)

1. Housekeeping
   a. Phone bridge moderator code to SIG co-chairs
   b. Andrea stepping down as Co-chair
   c. Impact of Peter's retirement on the SIG    (013)

2. Next steps for the SIG
   a. Listing on the IAOA Special Interest Group web page [2]
   b. Creation of a dedicated SIG page
      1: Initial draft done [3]
      2: make sure that the IAOA and wiki page cross-reference each other    (014)

=== items deferred ===    (015)

2. c. Solicitation for members
      1: Someone with access to the list members (LeoObrst or FrankLoebe) to
help define the current members
      2: New members to have a wiki page providing their background and
present a quick (1 min) overview of their work and interests on a call    (016)

3. Discussion on creating an introductory online/training tutorial
   a. Introductory sections for non-technical audiences and to set the stage
   b. Subsequent sections building on the introduction to go more in-depth
and perhaps with exercises
   c. Work in conjunction with the IAOA Education Committee
   d. MarkFox working on a "gentle introduction to ontologies" and will
forward to the SIG
   e. This would be a starting point, but would need SIG consensus    (017)

4. Discussion on an issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology related to
reuse and lessons learned
   a. Extending and discussing the work of this year's Ontology Summit    (018)

5. Brainstorm and share information about people and projects relevant to
this SIG and reach out them to make them aware of our existence and maybe
invite them for a talk or an informal chat
   a. Establish knowledge base and list of knowledgeable individuals, and
understand current work, projects and interests    (019)

6. Next Meeting
   a. interest in having 2 meetings per month:
      1 meeting for event-related logistics and management,
      another for topics of research and project-related discussions
(promote ontology practices and development)    (020)

== 1. Housekeeping ==    (021)

* AndreaWesterinen has to step down as co-chair due to many new commitments    (022)

* there is no formal restriction on the number of co-chairs of a SIG by IAOA    (023)

* [agreement] continue with 2 co-chairs: MikeBennett and ElieAbiLahoud    (024)

* LeoObrst and FrankLoebe summarized effects of PeterYim's retirement,
effective as of June 30    (025)

* conference bridge discussion
 ** covered these proposals
  *** Uber             (proposed for testing by ElieAbiLahoud)
  *** GoToMeeting      (MikeBennett and ToddSchneider have experience)
  *** Fuzebox / Fuze   (ToddSchneider has experience)
  *** Skype            (NaicongLi has experience with small groups)
  *** Adobe Connect    (NaicongLi and ToddSchneider have experience)
  *** WebEx            (ToddSchneider has experience)    (026)

  *** ToddSchneider recommends Fuze or GotoMeeting    (027)

 ** useful features include:
  *** support of U.S. and European numbers would be useful
  *** shared screen support (that would also work from behind firewalls)    (028)

 ** [agreement] use MikeBennett's GoToMeeting account for the next meeting
(Jul 7)     (029)

* question: Does the IAOA SIG page provide meeting details, once the wiki is
no longer editable?
 ** viable in principle, but not yet fully resolved    (030)

== 2. Next steps for the SIG ==    (031)

=== 2a. Listing on the IAOA Special Interest Group web page [2] ===    (032)

* [action] [FrankLoebe] once the front page of the SIG website is done,
forward that to OliverKutz for setup of the SIG page within the IAOA website    (033)

=== 2b. Creation of a dedicated SIG page [3] ===
( [action]s regarding [3] ; not urgent, until next meeting )    (034)

* note: IAOA has a Twitter account: @IAOA_Official [4]    (035)

* discussion on embedding a Twitter feed for news items on the website
 ** [FrankLoebe] contact Ali Hashemi (and maybe Amanda Vizedom) for Twitter
technical issues
 ** #iaoa-swao proposed as hashtag for referring to the SIG    (036)

* main page changes
 ** [?] some checking of the main page of the SWAO SIG draft website would
be good
 ** [NaicongLi] move bullet item list of research areas to top of "projects"
 ** [NaicongLi] move the page contents to the center of the page    (037)

* [NaicongLi] put minutes into website, under "SIG events" (until there will
be other types of meetings)    (038)

* [NaicongLi] on contact page
 ** merge with page "people"
 ** [agreement]
  *** names of co-chairs, LeoObrst, FrankLoebe (with roles)
  *** link to mailing list
  *** email address: use link to IAOA contact form    (039)

* [MikeBennett] provide a few lines on educational material for the projects
page    (040)

* [NaicongLi] join tab at the right-hand side of the menu bar    (041)

* [NaicongLi] inform the group via SWAO mailing-list once the changes are
implemented    (042)

== Next Meeting: [agreement] Monday, July 07, 2014 ==    (043)

* [agreement] use MikeBennett's GoToMeeting account for the next meeting
(Jul 7)     (044)

== References ==    (045)

[1] http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_SWAO_SIG#nid4DTN    (046)

[2] http://iaoa.org/iaoaSIG/iaoaSIG.html    (047)

[3] http://iaoa.org/swao/    (048)

[4] https://twitter.com/IAOA_Official    (049)

Msg Archives: http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/iaoa-swao/ 
File-share: http://iaoa.cim3.net/file/work/SIG/SemanticWeb-AppliedOntology/
SIG Wiki: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA_SWAO_SIG 
Activities Blog: http://iaoa-activities.blogspot.com/ ...(coming!) 
To join: please email the SIG conveners or to: info[at]iaoa.org
IAOA website: http://iaoa.org     (050)
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