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From: Nicola Guarino <nicolguar@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 18:24:06 +0100
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Dear colleague,

this message reaches you since you expressed your interest in setting up the International Association for Ontology and its Application. We are happy to inform that this Association is now shaping up.

1. Thanks to the help of Peter Yim (who also set up this list server), a web site is up and running at the address www.iaoa.org. Obviously the site is almost empty right now, the only thing you can get there is the draft Statute, resulting from the interaction with various volunteers, and the contact address of our lab's secretary, Sira Greco, who is managing the mailing list of interested people. Notice that, despite the site is public, it does not make sense advertizing it before the association is formally constituted.

2. We shall collect comments on the Statute until the end of March. By April, 1st we shall post the final version.

3. Next step will be the Association's Constitution Act. The Italian Law requires that this must be a document undersigned by an initial group of members, who recognize the Statute and elect the first Executive Council. According to the Statute, the first Executive Council will be a provisional body, whose main goal will be to lead the Association to the first ordinary meeting (which must take place within one year).

4. Our goal is to have a temporary Executive Council who is agile enough to trigger the startup process, and at the same time fairly representative of the community. However, we have the formal and practical problem of gathering together to sign the official document (a "physical signature" is required). Our proposal is to invite those of you who are willing to participate to the founding assembly to attend a small scientific workshop here in Trento, within the end of April, just to offer you a further opportunity to justify your trip. The founding assembly will elect the temporary Executive Council and undersign the constitution act. To confirm your interest to participate to the founding assembly, and to express your preference concerning the date, please visit 

5. Please feel free to:

-  candidate yourself for the Executive Council;

-  suggest possible candidates;

- suggest events and/or locations for the first ordinary assembly in a year from now;

- express general comments concerning the association's startup. 

Note however that this maling list is moderated, so please answer to the senders of this message only. Requests fo be included into this mailing list should be addressed to greco@xxxxxxxxxx

Looking forward to your feedback,

Nicola Guarino
Stefano Borgo
Sira Greco

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