Ontology Summit 2015

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2015 Virtual Meetings

Following its established pattern, this year's Ontology Summit consists of a series of weekly virtual discussions, followed by a 2-day face-to-face symposium.

Each week a virtual meeting is held to discuss one of the topic tracks of the summit. Champions for that topic coordinate several speakers, and anyone interested may participate via telecon and a simultaneous text chat. Slides, audio recordings, and transcripts for previous meetings are available on the wiki pages linked below. For timely announcements and details of upcoming calls join the Ontology Summit mailing list and/or track the 2015 Ontology Summit Wiki.

  • Track A: Ontology Integration in IoT
    Champions: Ram Sriram and Leo Obrst

  • Track B: Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies
    Champions: Torsten Hahmann, Gary Berg-Cross

  • Track C: Decision Making in Different Domains
    Champions: Mike Bennett, Michael Gruninger

  • Track D: Related Standards and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies
    Champions: Mark Underwood