Ontology Summit 2015

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The Ontology Summit is an annual series of events (first started by Ontolog and NIST in 2006) that involves the ontology community and communities related to each year's theme chosen for the summit. The Ontology Summit program is now co-organized by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA, and NCO NITRD, along with the co-sponsorship of other organizations that are supportive of the summit goals and objectives.

Internet of Things

This year's summit topic is The Internet of Things: Toward Smart Networked Systems and Societies.

The line between the physical and digital worlds is rapidly blurring as ever more sensors and actuators are networked. Increasing numbers of cameras, appliances, tools, cars, buildings, and all manner of physical artifacts suddenly have online presences and interfaces, forming The Internet of Things (IoT). An extraordinary breadth and volume of real world devices, data, and applications promise to be online in the near future, imposing great demands on data and service discovery, integration, and other capabilities. As discussed throughout this summit, ontologies are a powerful tool to help meet those challenges. Read More...


The 2015 Ontology Summit is roughly organized into four tracks:

  • Track A: Ontology Integration in IoT
  • Track B: Beyond Semantic Sensor Network Ontologies
  • Track C: Decision Making in Different Domains
  • Track D: Related Standards and Synergies for Emerging IoT Ontologies

A series of weekly virtual events is scheduled to discuss these topics throughout February and March. The summit will then conclude with a 2-day, face-to-face symposium in Arlington, Virginia, USA, on April 13--14. Attend the symposium... Join virtually...


Logistical details, session materials, and outcome documents are all being collaboratively developed live and archived on the 2015 Ontology Summit Wiki. Check It Out!

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