Ontology Summit 2014 Tracks

Given the broad scope of this year's theme, the summit discourse was partitioned into four discussion tracks, along with several activities as, listed below. Over the course of three months, each track solicited participation from experts in business and academia who presented relevant material in weekly on-line teleconferences. The track synthesis alongside links to the community and teleconferences are contained on each track page.

Common Reusable Semantic Content

Mission: This track will discuss the reuse problem and explore possible solutions. Among these are practical issues like the use of ontology repositories and tools, and the possibility of using basic and common semantic content in smaller, more accessible pieces. The goal is to identify exemplary content and also define the related information to enable use/reuse in semantic applications and services. A secondary goal is to highlight where more work is needed and enable the applied ontology community to further develop semantic content and its related information. Read More

Making use of Ontologies: Tools, Services, and Techniques"

mission: The Web of Data provides great opportunities for ontology-based services, but also puts challenges to tools for editing and using ontologies and to techniques for ontology engineering.Read More

Overcoming Ontology Engineering Bottlenecks.

mission: To identify bottlenecks that hinder the large-scale development and usage of ontologies and identify ways to overcome them.

Read More

Tackling Variety In Big Data

mission: Identify potential solutions for tackling the sources of complexity and variety in Big Data.
Develop specific use cases for the integration of ontologies with Big Data tools and techniques to tackle the variety problem. Read More