The Team

The Ontology Summit is only possible as the result of the dedication and commitment of the volunteers who organize and contribute their time and resources to the effort. The various people and organizations who have contributed to the summit are listed below:
Champions and Chairs
  • Summit General Co-chairs ... Professor MichaelGruninger & Dr. Leo Obrst   
  • Symposium Co-chairs ... Dr. RamSriram & Professor Tim Finin   
  • Track A - Common Reusable Semantic Content - Co-Champions: Mike Bennett, Andrea Westerinen, Gary Berg Cross   
  • Track B - Making use of Ontologies: Tools, Services, and Techniques - Co-Champions: Christoph Lange, Alan Rector   
  • Track C - Overcoming Ontology Engineering Bottlenecks - Co-Champions: Krzysztof Janowicz, Pascal Hitzler, Matthew West,   
  • Track D - Tackling the Variety Problem in Big Data - Co-champions: Ken Baclawski, Anne Thessen   
  • Track E - Hackathon (and related activities) - Co-champions: Dan Brickley, Anatoly Levenchuk , (Ken Baclawski -adv)   
  • Track F - Communique and Publications -Lead-Editors: Michael Gruninger & LeoObrst - Co-champions: Todd Schneider, Francesca Quattri  
  • Track G - Community Resources (Library, Data Collection, Ontology Repository, etc.)- Co-champions: (Amanda Vizedom), Oliver Kutz   
  • Outreach (includes Sponsor Relations & Website Development) - Co-champions: Amanda Vizedom (outreach and sponsor relations), Marcela Vegetti (website), Simon Spero (psmw-site),(Matthew West - adv)   
  • Program management (includes operations, logistics, production)- Co-champions: Peter Yim, Christi Kapp
  • Co-organizers
    Organizing Committee