Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle


A total of thirteen virtual and one face-to-face (though supporting remote access) sessions were conducted. Most sessions included presentations given by a variety of experts on issues related to the track topic. Sessions are organized by track below. A quick reference to the virtual session content is available here.
Date Title Chairs Panelists
2012_12_13 OntologySummit2013 (Pre-Launch) Community Input & Planning Session - Launch Event Michael Gruninger & MatthewWest
2013_01_17 "Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle" - Launch Event Michael Gruninger & MatthewWest
2013_02_21 Synthesis-I; Communique Outline & Organizing the Hackathon-Clinics MatthewWest OntologySummit2013 chairs & champions
2013_03_28 Getting the "hackathon," "clinics" and related activities going MikeDean, Ken Baclawski & PeterYim AmandaVizedom, VictorAgroskin, JoanneLuciano, AliHashemi, KenBaclawski, JoelBender, MikeBennett, TillMossakowski,
2013_04_04 Synthesis - II Michael Gruninger & MatthewWest OntologySummit2013 chairs & champions
2013_04_11 Communique-draft-review AmandaVizedom & FabianNeuhaus OntologySummit2013 chairs & champions
2013_04_18 Communique - Final Draft Review AmandaVizedom & FabianNeuhaus OntologySummit2013 chairs & champions
2013_04_25 Pre-symposium preparation and review MikeDean & RamSriram
Track A - Intrinsic Aspect of Ontology Evaluation

Date Title Chairs Panelists
2013_01_31 Intrinsic Aspects of Ontology Evaluation: Practice and Theory SteveRay & LeoObrst MariaPovedaVillalon, MariCarmenSuarezFigueroa, AsuncionGomezPerez, SamirTartir IsmailcemBudakArpinar, JesualdoTomasFernandezBreis, AstridDuqueRamos, NathalieAussenacGilles
2013_03_07 "Intrinsic Aspects of Ontology Evaluation - II" LeoObrst & SteveRay PatrickLambrix, MariaCopeland, MelissaHaendel, EdBarkmeyer