VoCamp Vocabulary Camp    (29U8)

VoCamp is a series of informal events where people can spend some dedicated time creating lightweight vocabularies/ontologies for the Semantic Web aka the Web of Data. See http://vocamp.org/wiki/WhatIsVoCamp.    (29U9)

The emphasis of the events is not on creating the perfect ontology in a particular domain, but on creating vocabs that are good enough for people to start using for publishing data on the Web. The intention is to follow a "paper first, laptops second" format, where the modelling is done initially on paper and only later committed to code.    (29UA)

The VoCamp idea is influenced by BarCamp , although the emphasis is different. Whereas the latter are oriented to demos and presentations, VoCamps are oriented to hands-on technical work and practical outputs; any presentations and demos should be short, highly on-topic to the vocabulary development process, and limited in number, to leave plenty of time for hacking on new vocabularies.    (29UD)

For more information, contact the SOCoP Executive Secretary - Dr. Gary Berg-Cross via email to: gbergcross [at] gmail.com    (29UC)