UpperOntologySummit - Application Dialog Meeting, Wednesday, March 15, 2006, 9 AM- 12 NOON EST    (KKO)

Session Details    (KUQ)

Broader Context:    (KLA)

Purposes of Application Dialog Meeting:    (KKP)

In addition to the key public upper ontology custodians, organizers, and key participants, stakeholders, early adopters, potential users and potential funders of ongoing upper ontology research development will be invited to discuss mutual concerns.    (LJT)

Agenda    (LEC)

9:20 AM - Welcome and Introductions by the Session Chair - DagobertSoergel - slides    (LHB)

9:30 AM - Panel of Upper Ontologists present examples of application of upper ontologies    (LED)

10:30 AM - Break    (LEF)

10:50 AM - Open multi-way dialogue of the potential of upper ontologies with triple panel:    (LEG)

11:50 AM - Summary and Closing remarks by the Session Chair - DagobertSoergel    (LOV)

12:00 NOON - ADJOURN    (LEH)

Resources for this UO Appplication Dialog Session    (M7D)

Some Additional Resources:    (KLE)

Map of Meeting Venue    (LGW)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/UpperOntologySummit/UOS-meetings_20060314-15.jpg    (LGX)