UoM_Ontology_Standard workshop - Fri 2009-10-30 - Registration, Venue and Access    (22IX)

           National Science Foundation,
           Room 1235 (Director's Conference Room),
           4201 Wilson Blvd.,
           Arlington, VA 22203,
           USA    (22JT)
           Our NSF Host: Dr. FrankOlken    (22J0)

Date: . 30-October-2009 (Friday) - all day (8:30am~3:30pm EDT)    (22J4)

Session Agenda and other Details at: . UoM_Ontology_Standard/Workshop_2009_10_30    (22J5)

For On-site Attendees:    (22J6)

Due to the fact that the National Sciencce Foundation (NSF) is a US government facility, all ontsite attendees must be registered, so that they can be issued a badge at the front lobby, before they can proceed to the meeting venue on the day of the workshop. Please make sure you have a picture ID (US Driver License for US personnel, or Passport for foreign citizens.)    (22J7)

For Remote Attendees:    (22JG)

To register for participation, please add your name (plus your affiliation, if you aren't already a member of the Ontolog community) below, or e-mail <peter.yim@cim3.com> so that we can reserve enough resources to support everyone's participation. Kindly do so by end-of-day Thu 2009.10.29, if you possibly can.    (22JH)

Session Access Details    (22JR)

On-site Participants:    (22JJ)

Remote Participants:    (22JN)

Other Registered Participants:    (230W)

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