Initiative proposed by PaolaDiMaio - pending migration of this effort to an Ontolog community project.    (142Z)

DRAFT (feel free to discuss/propose changes)- PaolaDiMaio/2007.09.05    (13WN)

Project Keywords (towards a thesaurus)    (13XG)

Goals    (13WP)

To make a list of tags to associate with our resources    (14UP)

This project shall end when we have enough keywords to map our resources against our domain (likely to remain ongoin)    (13WQ)

Deliverable    (13XE)

A flexible, evolving set of key terms stemming from the framework that can be used to tag the resources    (13WS)

Suggested Process    (13XH)

Phase one    (13WU)

1) make an initial list of FrameworkKeywords that define the framework (extract these from the framework statment and diagrams (paola volunteers to do this first step)    (13WV)

2) ask the author of each document on the wiki to extract the keywords from their document/presentation/slides onto the keywords of the framework    (13WW)

Phase two    (13WX)

set up discussion as required Merge/evolve the set of keywords using other sets of keywords produced by related efforts    (13WY)

Phase three    (13WZ)

Produce a working document (deliverable)    (13X0)

Launch date and Meetings    (13XJ)

As of today, 5 Septemeber - ongoing? Meetings: Online anytime, via skype, messnger etc    (13X1)

I am also happy to work asynch    (13X3)

I have opened a skype chat room (feel free to add more resources)    (13XK)

Contributors    (13X5)

[1], KenBaclawski > is championing a similar exercise for artifacts collected from the    (13X7)

> OntologySummit2007_Survey - ken - can you share your tags so far? --PDM/2007.09.05    (13X8)

[2] > ... some coordination between this potential task team and his, and,    (13X9)

> as previously mentioned, to the OntologTaxoThesaurus project work    (1431)

please Ontotaxo group point to the latest list of tems extracted, at least we can start looking at it? Shall we continue this thread on the ontologizing list to keep the coordination going? --PDM/2007.09.05    (13XA)


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