OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Research Activity    (251Y)

At the Ontology Summit 2008, a consensus was reached on a vision of an infrastructure for the storage, retrieval and management of ontologies in a federated open ontology repository (OOR). Since its conception, several key OpenOntologyRepository_ResearchIssues have been identified which will contribute to the development of OOR. During the final of three conference calls on this topic, panelists presented the research which is currently underway.    (251Z)

The purpose of this page is to identify which initiatives are being taken on by which members and groups of the OOR community. For further information on relevant research topics, please see the OpenOntologyRepository_ResearchIssues and OpenOntologyRepository_Requirement pages.    (2520)

Current Research Activity    (2521)

(Please be sure to set up a page for your respective projects on the Wiki)    (2522)