OpenOntologyRepository (OOR) - Metadata    (2QEZ)

This page is for the documentation relating to the metadata requirements of the "open ontology repository" we are planning to implement through the OOR initiative.    (2QF0)

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Proposed:    (2QIZ)

18 March 2011 - OOR will use the OMV ontology as the core metadata ontology.    (2QJ3)

18 March 2011 - OMV will be extended to import additional extensions needed to support OOR (e.g., ontology configurations, version history)    (2QJ0)

22 March 2011 - JohnGraybeal proposes evaluating using MMI's Ontology Metadata for Community Ontologies as an extension    (2QKV)

Discussion of Proposal    (2QJ1)

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JohnGraybeal 2011.03.22: MMI spent considerable time determining what metadata would be important to have for ontologies that are maintained on behalf of communities that develop information resources. We found a number of metadata items that were important for ongoing management of ontologies -- where they came from, how they are maintained, frequency of update, licensing and permission, and even more refined details -- in addition to the OMV metadata specified at that time. We didn't implement everything we envisioned, but do have a fair number in our system. The Ontology Metadata page provides a summary of our conclusions.    (2QKW)

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