OntologySummit2014: (Track-C) "Overcoming Ontology Engineering Bottlenecks" Community Input workspace    (44E6)

Track Co-champions: KrzysztofJanowicz, PascalHitzler, MatthewWest    (44E7)

Background    (44E8)

Ontology Engineering is the development and use of ontology in any form as all or part of some system. This includes such areas as data integration, data mining, expert systems, data semantics and reasoning. Sometimes there are barriers to the use of ontologies because of the cost of development and deployment or the timeliness of being able to deliver solutions. This track aims to seek out the bottlenecks that represent the current barriers to use of ontologies and point towards the solutions or work towards the resolution of those bottlenecks. T    (44E9)

Mission    (44EA)

To identify bottlenecks that hinder the large-scale development and usage of ontologies and identify ways to overcome them. T    (44EB)

Examples    (44EC)

Plan    (44EW)

see also: OntologySummit2014_Overcoming_Ontology_Engineering_Bottlenecks_Synthesis    (44ED)

Community Input Solicited    (44EE)

   Please add your input as one-liners or short paragraphs, in bullets below, and make sure your include your name and date at the end for attribution, tracking and following-up purposes. Thanks. -Track-C co-chairs    (44EF)