Ontology Summit 2014 Theme: Big Data and Semantic Web Meets Applied Ontology    (43XR)

Track A: Common, Reusable Semantic Content, Mission Statement    (442I)

Community Input Solicited    (44JS)

   Please add your input as one-liners or short paragraphs, in bullets below, and make sure your include your name and date at the end for attribution, tracking and following-up purposes. Thanks. -Track-A co-chairs    (44JT)

Page Contents    (45UR)

Summary of Email Discussions    (45UW)

The following bullets attempt to distill the main discussion items in the various email threads of Track A. Please review, supplement and comment on the bullets, following the general guidelines above. These bullets, with your inputs and updates, will become the Track A "content synthesis". Thank you!    (45UY)

Reusable Content - Potential Foci for Track A    (45UV)

-- The following list was generated by the Track Co-Champions and included in the intro talk by GaryBergCross    (451Y)

-- Ref. thread started by MikeBennett on 2013.01.20    (44JU)

To kick off Track A, we would like to ask:    (44JV)