OntologySummit2008 - Content Committee Meeting - Mon 2008-03-10    (1B1V)

As facilitators of the Summit Content Committee, our purpose is to invigorate discussion within the OntologySummit2008 and assure that the community can effectively explore, debate, deliberate and capture that content through our online discourse, between the Feb-27 Launch Event and the Apr-28 & 29 (2008) face-to-face workshop.    (1B1Z)

Conference Call Details:    (1B20)

Attendees:    (1B2S)

Agenda Ideas    (1B37)

Agenda and Proceedings    (1B3I)

1. Meeting called to order:    (1B3J)

2. Attendees: {nid 1B3N} Rex Brooks, Michael Gruninger, Pat Hayes, Fabian Neuhaus, Michelle Raymond, Barry Smith, Peter Yim    (1B57)

3. Discussion:    (1B3P)

1. Plan for Summit Programme (Michelle)    (1B58)

First Day:    (1B5Y)

- there will be a keynote talk - content activities will cover:    (1B59)

          - what has been learned?
          - what are the important topics?
          - what needs further discussion?    (1B5A)

- A champion from each committee will lead one hour technical discussions in their area. This will be either a summary of progress or a short position statement that possibly incorporates different points of view.    (1B5B)

Second Day:    (1B5Z)

Work on the Summit document/communique    (1B5C)

2. Upcoming Ontolog Sessions (Michelle and Peter)    (1B5D)

There will be two sessions (March 27 and April 3) which will discuss the motivations/expectations/requirements for an Ontology Repository. Both of sessions will be chaired by Leo Obrst. The March 27 session will be co-chaired by Fabian Neuhaus and the April 3 session will be co-chaired by Barry Smith.    (1B5E)

There will be a session on April 10 entitled "Developing an Ontology of Ontologies", which will be chaired by Pat Hayes. Panelists include:    (1B5F)

   - Michael Gruninger, who will present the ontology framework
from the 2007 Ontology Summit    (1B5H)
   - someone to present the Ontology Metadata Vocabulary
   - Natasha Noy    (1B5I)

3. Progress on Discussion Threads (Michelle)    (1B5J)

We don't have a lot of active discussion on any of the Summit threads.    (1B5K)

a) Quality Fabian and Barry are writing a short position paper to serve as a strawman.    (1B5L)

Issues and Topics: - to what degree are gatekeeping and quality distinct? - what are the requirements to support quality assurance? e.g. posting reviews, editorial boards - There may be two approaches:    (1B5M)

   - prospective, which includes basic metadata about an ontology that needs to be supplied when it is submitted to the repository    (1B5O)
   - retrospective, which evaluates and provides a "seal of approval"to ontologies already supplied    (1B5Q)

b) Architecture Strawman position will be posted on the Summit pages and also to the thread    (1B5R)

c) State of the Art Frank Olken will summarize the discussion from the Ontolog Forum session    (1B5S)

d) Ontology of Ontologies A short position statement needs to be posted as soon as possible.    (1B5T)

e) Summit Focus Peter Yim is working on the Summit homepage, so there will no longer be a separate page for Summit Focus.    (1B60)


There were various ideas about how to invigorate the discussion threads for the different areas in preparation for upcoming Ontolog sessions and the Summit itself.    (1B5V)

4. New Issues:    (1B3Q)

5. Any Other Business:    (1B3R)

6. Action items:    (1B3S)

Agenda for Next Meeting Brief summaries from each committee    (1B5W)

Action Item: Go forth and create discussion!    (1B5X)

7. Set Time and Agenda for Weekly Content Committee Meeting & Adjourn:    (1B3T)

 notes taken by: Michael Gruninger
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (1B3U)