OntologySummit2007 Ontology Dimensions Map    (10O6)

This is the work product of breakout group-Z of the OntologySummit2007_Population_Session. [ ref. ]    (10O7)

Group-Z Members: PeterBrown, DeniseBedford, JimDisbrow, VincentReboul, JackTeller and SusanTurnbull    (10RW)

Source: http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontology-summit/2007-04/msg00147.html    (10O8)

From: OntologySummit2007_Population_Session Breakout Group-Z / 2007.04.23    (10RX)

Our working group "Z" was scoped this afternoon to examine the "dimensions" of the proposed ontology framework.    (10O9)

We started by agreeing that some sort of "representation" of the "dimensions" was needed, particularly as the questions of possible co-variance and/or orthogonality between the dimensions was discussed in the session and that the dimensions were not "alike" in terms of their relationship with an ontology. We decided to create a "concept map" with limited semantics: I use the word "depicts" - it is not intended as a specification of a conceptualisation, after all ;-)    (10OA)

This diagram can then serve to depict and talk about the dimensions as well as give us some understanding of the implications of metrics applied to them (for example existence or degree of co-variance)    (10OB)

It is a "Template for Discourse" about ontologies, rather than a conceptual model of them.    (10PC)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/OntologySummit2007/workshop/ontology-dimensions-map_20070423b.png    (10OC)

 [Figure 1: Ontology Dimensions Map]    (10OD)

Please limit interpretation of the "concept map" to the following semantics - nothing else is implied:    (10OE)

So....the big question is now: is this useful? Can it be used as a template onto which specific ontologies can be mapped and - where necessary/useful - values applied to each node or arc?    (10OK)

I hope that I have faithfully reproduced what we discussed and not extrapolated too far with any of the nodes or arcs: together they do capture the entirety of the dimensions and descriptions thereof in the framework statement.    (10OL)

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