OntologySummit2007 Organizing Committee Conference Call - Tuesday 03-Apr-2007    (YUH)

Conference Call Details    (YUK)

Attendees:    (YV5)

Agenda Ideas    (YVL)

Agenda & Proceedings    (YVT)

1. Meeting called to order:    (YVV)

2. Roll Call:    (YVY)

3. Urgent Issues:    (YW0)

we need to come to some virtual consensus even BEFORE the face-to-face    (YXW)

session co-chairs will make the call on how they will be running their session, but whatever it is, please communicate that with everyone, and get the 'invitations' out (where applicable) ASAP!    (YXW)

4. Outstanding Issues:    (YX6)

5. New Issues:    (YXX)

6. Any Other Business:    (YY0)

7. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (YY1)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2007.04.03-09:27 PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (YY5)