The following is a preliminary list of GeoSpatial and Ontology workshops and Conferences discussed as part of INTEROP.    (2QYV)

UCGIS DC Feb 3 -4, 2011    (2QYW)

(see Attended by James Wilson - notes on use cases etc, to be added later. Gary and James met with Sean Ahearn (BoK2) who was interested in our input to that project and our ideas of our Framework for GS ontologies. Since they are working on the curriculum level they are interested in knowledge organizing ideas of educational material using ontology. We are a bit more interested in a finer level of granularity to support data interoperability, but there is overlap. For example in our early sessions with domain folks we can capture some curriculum ideas as we think about representing domain knowledge. The understanding we get from our knowledge engineering efforts may be of use in identifying some of the curriculum topics and relations between different fields maybe even helping to structure them. We might actually do some more to help but using their framework and populating a small piece from our use case and ontology work.    (2QYX)

Another synergy is the use of tools. They may be interested in using the OOR which might be very helpful for them. They may in turn help populate it.    (2QYY)

Alion Science and Technology and the National Center for Ontological Research Ontology Driven Implementation of Semantic Services for the Enterprise Environment (ODISSEE)    (2RQ9)

April 12-13, 2011 Dave Kolas briefed the workshop on Geosemantics and the SOCoP-INTEROP Project    (2RQA)

The Venue is the Alion Science and Technology Conference Center, Washington DC    (2RQB)

AAG    (2QZ1)

There is a AAG Session: ‘Geospatial Semantics and Ontology that Nancy Wiegand (University of Wisconsin- Madison) is chairing,    (2QZ5)

Speakers-    (2R0E)

– Robert Raskin, SWEET 3.0 Ontologies    (2QZL)

– Dalia Varanka, Topographic Data for Semantic Technology    (2QZM)

– Nancy Wiegand, INTEROP Network to Support Geospatial Data Semantic Interoperability    (2QZN)

– Joshua Lieberman, A Reference Model for Geosemantic Standards    (2QZO)

– Will Smart, Sem-Dat: A web-based interactive, flexible translation service for classification systems and taxonomies    (2QZ6)

See    (2QZH)

Nancy and James will meet with Sean Ahearn, of the BoK2 group, and Shaown Wang, of the Cybergis Project ( Thursday at 10:30 on possible collaboration.    (2QZI)

USGIF Tech Days    (2QZ8)

Part of GEOINT Community Week: May 9-13, 2011 Hyatt Regency Reston 1800 Presidents Street, Reston, VA We usually do a demo, but just provided a brief on INTEROP.    (2QZU)

UCGIS June 22-23rd in Boulder    (2QYZ)

Nancy, James and Dalia are likely to attend this conference. We have heard that UCGIS is looking for use cases and problems that people are struggling with for semantic interoperability, so this can be another opportunity activity for the “Use case team”. With the large amount of geo-tech going on in Denver area, we may try to co-host a VoCamp around this July conference.    (2QZ2)

NSGIC    (2R0C)

The 2011 NSGIC Midyear Conference was held February 27 - March 2, 2011 i Annapolis, Maryland. Most people are implementers so this conference will be more appropriate in Year 2. However, the Fall meeting (in Boise Sept 26-29th) is a possible target.    (2QZ3)

Ontology Summit    (2VYQ)

Held Mon, April 18 – Tue, April 19, at NIST and attended by Gary Berg-Cross    (2QZ4)

International Cartography Association (ICA) conference    (2QZP)

Dalia is going to ICA (see in Paris July 3-9 They have one session on Spatial Analysis and GEO-sematics and Ontology there. Dalia may connect with European experts on the topic and perhaps can get an INSPIRE update. If John Bateman is there, she may get an update from him.    (2QZQ)

National Association of Counties (Na-Co) 2011 Annual Conference and Exposition July 15-19, 2011    (2QZR)

The conference will be in Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon    (2QZS)

ESRI conference July 8, 2011 (education sessions before regular) 11-15 San Diego.    (2QZK)

GIScience    (2R0D)

GIScience 2012 will be held in Columbus, Ohio, USA. SOCoP member Ola Ahlqvist (The Ohio State University, the Workshop and tutorial chair.    (2QZT)

ACM SIGSPATIAL conference in Chicago in November, 2011    (2QZ9)

Nancy is organizing a workshop for this conference. This conference has presentations on spatial technology work.    (2QZA)