SOCoP has presented Prototype demonstrations annually for the last 3 years. An example from 2009 is shown below.    (2RJE)    (2RJL)

We intend to build on this to create additional demos to illustrate the use of ontologies and semantic technologies for geospatial uses. In addition we will be prototyping and developing the Cyberinfrastructure and a collaborative Portal for use at workshops and by members participating.    (2RJF)

The repository for geospatial ontologies will also be developed beyond its current abilities. The tool with help bring together multiple communities each with their own ontologies and various data models. The responsibility of the ontology repository is to manage, evolve, and map these ontologies. As it is developed it may include capacities for such things as:    (2RJG)

Testing of new tools is expected to start in Summer of 2011 with an initial prototype demonstration in the Fall of 2012    (2RJK)