SOCoP INTEROP involves a number of types of collaboration and several levels of collaboration.    (2RHL)

The Cyberinfrastructure under development will be used to enable scientific collaboration. This may include:    (2RHM)

All such efforts may be part of collaboration of multiple groups including: SOCoP, OGC, USGS, BoK2 etc. There are current plans to meet with the BoK2 & Shaowen Wang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) & the CyberGIS Project at the April USGS workshop. Collaboration with OGC is ongoing as is with researchers at Penn State and Ohio State. Each group will participate in SOCoP INTEROP workshops.    (2RIJ)

Workshops, such as a June Geo-Vo-Camp-DC-2011, represent a collaborative effort with various groups and members of the SOCoP community. The June workshop helped advance community development of common vocabularies & vocabularies and further articulate use cases aligning these to ontologies.    (2RHT)

Collaboration details will be updated following the April meetings and the June workshop in DC.    (2RIT)