[HEALTH-ONT] Health Ontology Pilot Project Kick-off Conference Call - Tue 2005-02-01    (8GB)

Conference Call Details    (8GC)

Attendees    (8GR)

Agenda Ideas    (8H2)

Resources    (8H3)

Agenda & Proceedings    (8H9)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda    (8HA)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (8HC)

3) Roll-call of participants    (8HE)

4) Introducing this potential pilot project    (8HG)

5) Project Discussion    (8HJ)

6) Sponsorship and funding    (8IE)

7) Other business    (8IH)

8) Next meeting date and adjourn    (8IJ)

 minutes captured in real time on this wiki by PeterYim
 ppy / 2005.02.01 11:26am PST    (8IN)