OGC Geosemantics    (29TW)

Copied from http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/semantics    (29TX)

The scope of the Geosemantics DWG is any aspect of conceptual modeling and formal representation of geospatial knowledge which advances the the geospatial interoperability mission of OGC. A particular focus will be the adoption or development of tools and methods in support of these activities.    (29TY)

It is the mission of the Geosemantics DWG to establish an interoperable and actionable semantic framework for representing the geospatial knowledge domains of information communities as well as mediating between them.    (29TZ)

For more information, contact the SOCoP Executive Secretary - Dr. Gary Berg-Cross via email to: gbergcross [at] gmail.com    (29U4)