GeoConnections has a Portal for data.    (27E1)

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An example of an application that the SOCoP might use is the GeoConnections Emergency Visualization Application. A summary is below:    (27E3)

This project will improve the capacity of Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) and collaborating organizations to protect the people and property of Ontario by providing one interactive, operational view of emergencies. The Emergency Visualization Application (EVA) will enable EMO and other participating organizations to collaborate in real time from anywhere in Ontario—a key to making faster and better decisions during emergencies. For instance, EVA users will be able to create an online map and then invite other participants—no matter where they are located—to not only see this map, but also to draw lines on it or add text to it—changes that will be simultaneously visible to other users.    (27E4)

The EVA will initially encompass data supplied by most Ontario government ministries, several communities, and utilities. The long-term goal is to remotely connect to the data servers for every community and First Nation community, the majority of the largest utilities, and all of the pertinent government data sources in Ontario. By adhering to Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure data standards and by following the “create once, use many times” principle and remotely connecting to data maintained at the source, the EVA will greatly add to its value as a decision-making tool for emergency responders and officials in Ontario.    (27E5)

Summary provided by Gary Berg-Cross    (27E6)