Issues relating to Database and Ontology    (PIS)

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Questions of a data/database person about ontologies    (PIX)

I agree with the opinion that the Semantic Web/ontologies should be the glue holding together information/data assets:    (PIY)

Data component of an Information System or the Web is not homogenous in terms of purpose, role, ways of access, etc. Not everything looks as ontology to me and not everything is currently implemented as ontologies; I see several data layers: “data”, “metadata”, and “ontological data”. For these data components to fulfill their purpose and role in the most efficient way, they have to be presented through different models and implemented with the help of different technologies.    (PIZ)

We have huge amounts of data accumulated in various data sources already. Semantic Web was intended to be a “web” of connections between applications and data sources.    (PJ0)