UBL-Ontology Project Conference Call - Thu 2003-10-09    (7SL)

Conference Call Details    (7SM)

Attendees    (7T1)

Agenda Ideas    (7TB)

Agenda & Proceedings    (7TC)

1) Welcome    (7TD)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes    (7TF)

3) Roll-call of participants    (7TH)

4) Face-to-face meeting (November 5-8, 2003)    (7TI)

5) Communication logistics & work protocols    (7U5)

a. Sigma tool suite    (7U6)

6) Use cases (http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseCases)    (7UA)

a. PO / Invoice reconciliation    (7UB)

b. Context-sensitive address rules    (7UC)

c. Mapping between representations    (7UD)

 discussion of above postponed    (7UE)

7) Formalization process    (7UF)

 discussion of above postponed    (7UG)

8) Sponsorship and funding    (7UH)

a. Inventory NIST contacts    (7UI)

 discussion of above postponed    (7UJ)

9) Other business    (7UK)

 none    (7UL)

10) Next meeting date and adjourn    (7UM)

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