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Re: [uom-ontology-admin] Last UoM Ontology meeting January 7, before it

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Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 07:06:53 -0800
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Thanks, Hans-Peter. I agree 100%.  Talk to you later today!  =ppy

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 6:48 AM, <Hans-Peter.de.Koning@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear All,

I will attend the call today. In my view it is best to first concentrate on reaching consensus on the basis of the "master" CLIF ontology that Pat is developing, bringing in concepts / thoughts as captured in the various OWL ontologies, i.e. using them as a kind of check list to validate that all needed concepts can be and are properly represented in the CLIF ontology. This is already enough of a challenge and I think we would only confuse each other unnecessarily by working with multiple ontology representations concurrently. Also many concepts can be represented in different ways that are equally "correct" but differ mainly in modeling style, where modeling style may be personal preference.

It is important that each of us tries to overcome / look beyond such "modeling style" issues, although this may be hard at times, because the modeling style is often related to the application domain of the standard. Speaking for myself, the QUDV model for SysML is meant to support Model-Based Systems Engineering representations and tries to be as much as possible compatible with UML2, so it is very much oriented towards engineer end-users and much less towards experts in formal logic / mathematical set theory.

I guess one of my challenges is to find a way to relate (ideally through an executable formal mapping) the OWL2 DL ontology that will comply with the formal QUOMOS master ontology in CLIF to a "QUDV next version" one that can still be understood and effectively used by engineer end-users in a SysML context (and any other engineering modeling languages/notations for that matter).

Best regards, Hans Peter

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2010-01-07 00:06

Please respond to

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Last UoM Ontology meeting January 7, before it becomes the OASIS QUOMOS TC

Dear Hans, Rob, and Chip,
                I’m writing in the hope that you will be able to attend the call on Thursday, Jan. 7 (see http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UoM_Ontology_Standard/ConferenceCall_2010_01_07) where we will be wrapping up the Ontolog phase of this activity in preparation for the first official OASIS committee meeting scheduled for January 21st.
                In particular, we’re hoping to hear what you might have to say regarding the OWL draft (recognizing that it is tightly linked to the CLIF version that Pat Hayes is working on). The call is at 6:30pm GMT, or 10:30am PST. Hope you can make it!
-          Steve
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