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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2012 08:39:48 -0400
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SOCoP members may be interested in attending a free 2 planning a GeoVoCamp (aka GeoVoCampDayton201) organized as follow-up to the Santa Barbara 2012 VoCamp. (see

The GeoVoCamp will take place in Dayton, Ohio from 15-17th of September 2012 and will address geo-ontology design patterns. See the web page at for details.

Attendees will discuss candidates for new geo-pattern, specify them based on real data, and implement them in breakout groups. It is expected that we will also refine the geo-patterns for Path-Movement, Points Of Interest, Event-Change, and Stimulus-Sensor-Observation patterns developed before and during the Santa Barbara GeoVoCamp. It's a great chance to get up to speed on these and the methods used to develop ontology design patterns and lightweight ontologies.

Everybody is welcome to join!
While previous experience in developing geo-patterns is useful it is not required to join the camp.

Note that the GIScience 2012 conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio right afterward 18-21st of September - about 65 miles distance. There will also be a GIScience 2012 workshop on geo-semantics and big data there on the 18th.

Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.  
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies    
Potomac, MD

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