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Thanks Gary. Edit reuqest ...

> 4. ... " Peter noted that the BioPortal has released it’s new version and it is being debugged. ..."

should read: " Peter noted that the BioPortal has released it’s new ncbo-appliance version and the vm installation onto the CIM3 xen-based virtualized infrastructure for OOR is being debugged. ..."

Regards. =ppy

On Nov 23, 2011 12:53 PM, "Gary Berg-Cross" <gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Minutes from Friday’s SOCoP Meeting Nov. 18, 2011 from 11:00 - 12:00 EDT



Attendees-Participants: Gary Berg-Cross (Knowledge Strategies), John Moeller (JJ Moeller & Associates LLC), Nancy Wiegand (U of Wisconsin), Peter Yim (CIM3), James Wilson (JMU), Dalia Varanka (USGS), Naijun Zhou (UMd)


The meeting started with a brief update on free conference call bridge from CIM3 using ITS2: 

Phone (US):             +1 (206) 402-0100      

          Backup nbr:             (415) 671-4335   and a

          Skype: joinconference   


When prompted enter the PIN: 141184#


PSTN, Mobile and Skype callers will be supported (free of additional charge; but long distance call to reach the bridge is on the call, no charge for people connecting in from skype.) 100 callers (all three types combined) is the max.


The following 6 topics were then discussed.


1.             Status on 2nd Fall Workshop at USGS (Dec. 2)


Gary reviewed the agenda, which was 80% complete and subsequent to the meeting was finalized and is now on the registration site -


We did not get an NGA presentation but added Phil Yang at GMU (who James contacted) to talk about CyberGIS and semantic architectures that is relevant to us. Josh Liebermann can also give a talk.


There was discussion of further advertizing of the site and contacting people like Peter Fox who should be aware of our workshop. James may send him an email and Gary would provide a copy of the agenda. Other people to contact included Li Ding, who has moved from RPI and Peggy Agouris at GMU who John might contact.

Gary will contact Todd Pehle (who is planning on attending) about the LoD community. Another possibly to get the word out is to contact George Thomas. We should also advertize at SemTechEast. We should get the revised agenda  to interested parties such as we did last year including:

    • FGDC
    • USGIF tech committee’ and
    • OGC
    • The Ontolog and SOCoP forums

Gary provided registration counts, which were going well and should provide an audience of similar size to last year. As of Nov. 23 there were 51 people registered (38 attendees and 13 call ins).


2.     January meeting with NSF

The INTEROP annual review will be at the end of January (25th-27th) in Indianapolis.  It is not yet sure what the agenda is and who needs to attend.  But we need to plan for what accomplishments we can show and Nancy has asked each co-PI to provide a plan and summary on activities, materials and accomplishments before Thanksgiving.

What can be made concrete by January 15?  It would be great if we could show Demo.  Nancy would coordinate with Mike and Dave for OOR and Snoogle as demos. Perhaps Nancy can show screenshots using ontology at OOR and maybe Snoogle. 

Education is another area to make progress on. What audience would we target (GIS professional as well as students – each would have different materials). Nancy thought that we might be able set up topics within the existing BoK concepts, but a question was where would our material fit in? 

There were differing opinion on that. Nancy suggests standalone that could be a handbook/manual of materials. James and Gary laid out a plan for creating a sub-area and cross referencing to existing material showing how it conceptually relates. 

James mentioned that he had gone to a workshop that covered VA emergency Response Dept. (Bryant Crumpler & Angela Wills) and they could help with a Use Case. Crumpler is coming to the workshop.



Gary’ discussed a strategy for developing material for year 2 workshops.  This would then evolve based on feedback and additions to full educational material by the end of Year 3.


James’s Spring course is a go and we can be guest lectures for the course which would help us build material and get feedback for improvement.

James also mentioned the possibility that there would be a web broadcast Telepresnence for the course.  This would allow us to capture video and then edit it to a refined form.


James also mentioned that he may get a CS student to do a program and web page development.


3.       John’s list of events in DC area. 


There remains a question of what would we do at these. When would we be ready to present at these communities?  Gary suggested that we need contact points and a plan.


4.               OOR & BioPortal

Peter noted that the BioPortal has released it’s new version and it is being debugged.  Mike intends to host a version at BBN when it is ready and will set up  SOCoP INTEROP instance. We are still invited people to put ontologies on the existing Sandbox as a test and can mention this at the workshops. Hopefully the SOCoP instance will be ready.


Gary thought that there would be  2 types of uploads – a small, perhaps local ontology and a full set of modular ontology like DUL and SWEET. There remains a question of how to group large ontologies that consist of many modules. Once we have solved this issue we might connect some of the local ontologies to the existing modules.  An example might be connecting a local watershed module to an existing hydrology module in SWEET.




5.       Plans SemTechEast Tuesday the 29th

Nancy’s slides are complete.  Mike and Gary will be attending to help with the workshop. Wherecom conf – and un-conference session


6.     About WhereCon and an Unconference Afternoon

John Moeller provided an update on this 2 ½ day conference:

WhereCon was established to satisfy the growing desire for a new dialogue on the synergies location-enabled and place-based streams of activity are bringing to historically stove-piped public and private sector domains. The question of “Where?” is increasingly becoming the organizing principal for how public and private sector enterprises get their jobs done. 

WhereCon will cultivate the emerging community of leaders, thinkers and practitioners who are struggling with the changes posed by the emerging “location-awareness” that portends great change for the public policy, private enterprise, technology and strategy – regardless of the sector from which they hail. 

WhereCon is a 2 ½ day conference seeking to attract a broad cross-section of industry leaders, federal, state and local government employees, contractors, vendors and public policy professionals from think tanks and NGOs.

 WhereCon consolidates the blinding array of conversations about the “power of place” going on across the public and private sector, enabling this community to better enjoy synergies only this forum can provide.

WhereCon is sponsoring a place-based unconference on the afternoon of April 2012 as the conclusion to this multi-community event.  The WhereCon Executive Committee invites any interested party to propose hosting a geospatial, place-based focused unconference event.  In keeping with the spirit of WhereCon the Executive Committee is looking for unconference events which explore geospatial/place-based interests in an open-community, collaborative manner.  WhereCon will provide space in the Washington DC Convention Center along with snacks and beverages for afternoon break. 

Unconference events can take place between 1:00 - 8:00 PM on Thursday April 12, 2012.  There will be no cost to attend or to host an unconference event which is accepted by the Executive Committee.  WhereCon attendees will be invited to participate in all unconference events along with any other participants.  Hosts of WhereCon unconference events are expected to organize, coordinate and facilitate their event.  The WhereCon Committee will publicize unconference events as part of its website and other planned publicity and media activities.  Unconference hosts will be expected to do any additional publicity or outreach they feel are necessary.  

Any questions and proposals should be directed to:


Greg Buehler
Program Co-Chair – OGC


Office +1 812 334 0601

Mobile: +1 812 327 6960


John Moeller

Program Co-Chair – USGIF

Mobile +1 202-494-2671


John thought that someone might step up and help organize the unconference.

In addition if we attend it will be good to advertize our effort.


The next SOCoP meeting is targeted for Dec. 21, 2011.

Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.  
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies    
Potomac, MD

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