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[socop-forum] Draft SOCoP Workplan for 2010

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From: Gary Berg-Cross <gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 23:09:18 -0400
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A SOCoP workplan for the 2010 year drafted by John Moeller is available at:
The plan will be overviewed and discussed at tomorrow's SOCoP meeting.

The plan includes major objectives to further develop a Reference Model for Geospatial ontologies, conducting  a series of Demonstrations using inputs from other organizations or data communities and conducting/participating in workshops to continue to expand the level of understanding about semantics and ontologies and their role and value in spatial infrastructures and architectures.

Gary Berg-Cross,Ph.D.
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies
Semantic Technology
Potomac, MD

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