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[oor-forum] Language, encoding and ontology of OOR messages

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From: Cameron Ross <cross@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 09:09:38 -0400
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During yesterday's OOR meeting, Immanuel proposed that we design the OOR as a collection of disparate web services.  There was some agreement with this proposal.  We also discussed some of the challenges with supporting multiple representation languages.  

Perhaps we could adapt some of the ideas used within the FIPA architecture to help achieve these objectives.  Specifically, the FIPA ACL Message Structure Specification may have some value (http://www.fipa.org/specs/fipa00061/SC00061G.html).  Basically, FIPA ACL messages carry with them meta-data describing the language, encoding and ontology associated with the payload.  I'm not sure that the performatives or the control of conversation aspects make sense for OOR, but the meta-data describing the pay load might.

Just a thought.


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