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From: "Obrst, Leo J." <lobrst@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 20:02:03 +0000
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If you couldn’t participate in the Ontology Summit 2014: “Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology” sessions or the Symposium, but would like to read the joint Communique and endorse it, you still can. Endorsements can be received up to June 15, 2014.


The full text of the Communique, version 1.0.0, can be found  here:


or downloaded as a PDF file from here:



We solicit your endorsement and support of this year's Communique  whether you were a participant in the Ontology Summit, are a member  of the Ontolog community, or part of the Big Data, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Ontology Research, Ontology Engineering or Applied Ontology communities.


Please send your endorsement via e-mail by clicking here or  if this links fails to engage your e-mail client correctly, then e-mail  your endorsement to communique-endorsement@xxxxxx  with the subject line:

"I hereby confirm my endorsement of the OntologySummit2014 Communique".


Kindly include your full name in the body of the message.


Note that your endorsement will be made by you as an individual,  and not as a representative of the organization(s) with which you  are affiliated.


Endorsements of this year communique can be made until 15 June, 2014. Your endorsement will apply to OntologySummit2014_Communique version 1.0.0 as adopted at  10:45 EDT on 29-Apr-2014, plus any non-substantive edits which the co-lead editors have been empowered to make subsequently.   


The roster of endorsers can be found here



Thank you from the Communique Team and the Ontology Summit 2014 Organizing Committee!

Leo Obrst & Michael Gruninger










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