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Re: [ontology-summit] Reasoners and the life cycle

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Yes indeed. Many ontology projects either have automated reasoning as a requirement now or they will in the future, as applications evolve and new applications arise to use/reuse the ontology.  


And explanation, a back-trace  of how the reasoner arrived at its conclusions is, I think, necessary.





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Should there be a subheading someplace for the extra steps that are required in the life cycle if significant inference is involved, e.g. with large scale DL/OWL based terminologies/ontologies such as SNOMED-CT.  


*        The use of a reasoner makes development more like developing rather like developing with an compiled language.  You only know what you have after your run the reasoner, but you have to understand the results in terms of what was asserted. The consequences of assertions are often unintended - "bugs". 


*        Finding unintended inferences can be hard


*        Tracing unintended inferences to the source in the assertions can be hard.


We have practical experience with SNOMED CT - see our KCAP2011 paper [1] and other papers on my website [2]


There has also been extensive work on "justifications" for OWL reasoning and other work by Horridge and his colleagues, see http://www.stanford.edu/~horridge/.  














[2] http://www.cs.man.ac.u/~rector


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