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[ontology-summit] CEW#63 - two panels - The Plan

To: "Ontology Summit 2007 Follow-up" <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Peter Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 01:56:13 -0700
Message-id: <af8f58ac0707130156y30b7b9e7x8c6eabe2996f60c4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Thanks to everyone who had provided input.    (01)

Here's what I have drafted up so far:    (02)

... captured on the wiki too at:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2007_FollowUp/CewPanel#nid12S6    (03)

//    (04)

* Process in general: anchors do a brief (15 min. max; 5~6 slides) to
frame the issues; then go around the panel (5 min.; 1~3 slides) to
bring out the salient points and get our message across; then open to
the floor for Q&A and discussion {nid 12U4}    (05)

* Who: (in order of appearance) {nid 12S7}    (06)

** Panel-1: Lessons from OntologySummit2007) {nid 12X1}    (07)

*** SteveRay, PeterYim, FrankOlken, KenBaclawski, DougHolmes,
DeniseBedford, Panelists Exchange, SusanTurnbull, Floor {nid 12X2}    (08)

** Panel-2: Role of Ontology in Records Management {nid 12X3}
*** PeterYim, ElisaKendall, DeniseBedford, FrankOlken, LeoObrst,
Panelists & Other Ontolog Members, Floor {nid 12X4}    (09)

* Agenda: (draft - as at 2007.07.12) {nid 12SN}    (010)

* '''Panel-1: Lessons Learned from Virtual Organizing for the
OntologySummit2007''' - Tue 17-Jul-2007 11:25am~12:30pm - total: 65
minutes {nid 12X5}    (011)

** Opening - PeterYim & SteveRay {nid 12X6}    (012)

*** SteveRay: the Initiative - our goal, process, outcome {nid 12X7}
*** PeterYim: the setting; organizers, sponsors and the 'broader'
community {nid 12X8}    (013)

** Panelists insights - {nid 12X9}
*** FrankOlken: from a strawman framework to a joint communique {nid 12XA}
*** KenBaclawski: populating the framework, survey and analysis {nid 12XB}
*** DougHolmes: observations and insights (esp. on the forum discourse
and momentum of the work) {nid 12XC}
*** DeniseBedford: observations and insights (please let us know the
area you'll be focusing on, Denise.) {nid 12XD}
*** Panelists Exchange (if we have time) {nid 12XE}
*** SusanTurnbull: Susan's personal observations and insights; and
open us up to the floor {nid 12XF}
*** Q&A, and discussion from the floor {nid 12XG}    (014)

* '''Panel-2: The Role of Ontology in Records Management''' - Wed
18-Jul-2007 11:05am~12:30pm - total: 85 minutes {nid 12XH}    (015)

** Opening - PeterYim, why are we here; introducing the panel {nid 12XI}    (016)

** Briefings - {nid 12XJ}
*** ElisaKendall: Ontology work from OMG (still need a title for your
talk, Elisa) {nid 12XK}
*** DeniseBedford: "Records Management Ontologies" {nid 12XL}
*** FrankOlken: perspectives, from NSF needs to XMDR work (still need
a title for your talk, Frank) {nid 12XM}
*** LeoObrst: what do Ontologies and Ontological Engineering bring to
the table (still need a title for your talk, Leo) {nid 12XN}    (017)

** Panelists Exchange, and input from other Ontolog members at the
workshop {nid 12XO}    (018)

** Q&A, and discussion from the floor {nid 12XP}    (019)

//    (020)

Please review, and provide additional details requested,  comments,
modifications and   improvement suggestions ASAP.    (021)

Again, I would need slides by end-of-day Friday (Jul-13), if at all
possible. (If not, can we make it, noon Saturday, latest, please?)    (022)

Thanks & regards.  =ppy    (023)

P.S. we didn't hear back from JoshLubell, RachuriSudarsan and
BobSmith. Maybe the communications got trapped by their spam filters.
Would Steve be kind enough to contact Josh and Rachuri, and Rex to
Bob, and help find out: (i) did they get our messages? (ii) are they
planning to be at the workshop? (iii) are they joining us on the
panel? ... Thanks.  =ppy
--    (024)

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