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Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 15:33:22 -0800
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All,    (01)

After much deliberation, the Ontology Summit 2007 organizing 
committee has adopted the tag line for this year's summit. The 
initiative is now officially called:    (02)

   "Ontology Summit 2007 - Ontology, Taxonomy, Folksonomy: 
Understanding the Distinctions"    (03)

(therefore, please stop referring to it as "What is An Ontology?" 
any more ... that original temporary tag line may have caused 
different expectations than what has been intended, although our 
objective has not changed.)    (04)

To enumerate, again, the objective of the "Ontology Summit 2007" 
initiative:    (05)

Ontology Summit 2007    (06)

*Objective*    (07)

Building upon the successful model of last year's 
UpperOntologySummit, co-sponsors from NIST, Ontolog, NCOR, NCBO, 
NLM/NIH, TagCommons, W3C and others (to be confirmed) are 
initiating a second summit during the spring of 2007.    (08)

We are hoping to convene key players in both research and 
applications who profess in developing or facilitating the 
evolution of "ontologies" and structures that helps model 
semantics, to join us in our Ontology Summit 2007 activity to 
help everyone understand the distinctions between Ontology, 
Taxonomy, Folksonomy and all the terminologies in between, which 
various communities employ to label those "ontologies" or 
"structures."    (09)

The challenge, this year, put before the various constituencies 
and communities involved, is to clarify what everyone means when 
they use the term "ontology" or when they refer to these semantic 
structures. Our objective is to define and agree to a systematic 
means of categorizing the many kinds of things that fall broadly 
within the "ontology" spectrum. By doing so, the research, 
development and Internet communities would have a better way of 
comparing, combining and mapping ontologies to one another 
(apples to apples). The range of what people call "ontologies" 
covers so-called "folksonomies", taxonomies, thesauri, conceptual 
models, and formal logic-based models to name just a few flavors.    (010)

The Ontolog Forum plans to initiate a vigorous three-month online 
discourse on the subject matter, and hopefully come up with 
promising strawman structures to characterize all of these 
possibilities, and more. This online discourse will culminate in 
a two-day face-to-face workshop and symposium during NIST's 
Interoperability Week 2007 on 23 & 24-April-2007.    (011)

Similar to last year's summit, the conveners of "Ontology Summit 
2007" will release a written communique to the international 
press, laying out the final categorization structure and locating 
some key ontological artifacts within it as one of the 
deliverables from this initiative.
//    (012)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2007#nidSKB    (013)

As Steve Ray so eloquently said it during our Jan-18 launch 
meeting[1] rather than to "bludgeon the world into using a single 
definition", we want to "provide a means of identifying what kind 
of "ontology" you are talking about.    (014)

At our organizing committee conference call yesterday, where this 
new "tag line" was adopted, Olivier Bodenreider drew a rather 
appropriate analogy by saying, "we want to be USGS, and not the 
UN." ... Yes, conveners of Ontology Summit 2007 should look 
themselves as the cartographers, not the peace keepers!    (015)

I hope this announcement and clarification will help us focus the 
discussion, and help get us reach the challenging objective we 
have set out to achieve, and in so doing, provide value to the 
community-at-large. Thank you all for a most intriguing discourse 
and all your contribution.    (016)

Thanks & regards.  =ppy    (017)

for and on behalf of the
Ontology Summit 2007 Organizing Committee    (018)

P.S. [1] Ontology Summit 2007 Launch Meeting - see: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2007_01_18    (019)

If you would like to participate in the Ontology Summit 2007 and 
has not subscribed to the [ontology-summit] list yet, please 
refer to details at: 
--    (020)

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