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[ontolog-forum] 4th DBpedia Community Meeting in Poznan 2015 - Call for

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Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 17:41:17 +0200
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The 4th DBpedia community meeting will be held in Poznan Polald, co-located with the 18th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2015).

Quick Facts


If you would like to become a sponsor for the 4rd DBpedia Meeting, please contact the DBpedia Association

H2020 ALIGNED Project

Institute for Applied Informatics

OpenLink Software for continuous hosting of the main DBpedia Endpoint


  • Agata Filipowska, Poznan University of Economics

  • Adrian Paschke, DBpedia Germany, University of Berlin

  • Marta Bartkowiak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

  • Dimitris Kontokostas, DBpedia Association and AKSW, Uni Leipzig

  • Sebastian Hellmann, DBpedia Association and AKSW, Uni Leipzig


You can register by adding yourself here or send an email to one of the organizers. Please indicate if you have an "eduroam" account for arranging internet access. Registration is free but we offer an optional Support Ticket if you would like to support the DBpedia Association (https://event.gg/1205-4th-dbpedia-meeting-poznan).
Note that registration closes on 18/06/15.

Call for Contributions

Please submit your proposal through our Web form.
Contribution proposals include (but not limited to) presentation, posters, demos, lightning talks and session suggestions. Please note the publication opportunities.

Important information (Opportunity for publication)

As DBpedia Workshop is a regular conference workshop there is a possibility of having the publication included in the post-conference LNBIP Proceedings http://bis.kie.ue.poznan.pl/bis2015/proceedings/.  A short or regular paper corresponding to the presentation at the DBpedia Workshop may be submitted after the conference. It will then be subject to the review by the DBpedia Programme Committee.  If accepted, the author will have to register with a fee of 100 EUR to have the paper included in the volume (the rest of cost is covered by our sponsors). Moreover, if someone would like to stay for the whole BIS conference (three days), he is to pay (in case of publication) 250 EUR (or 320 EUR in case of very late registration). If someone would like to stay for the whole conference without the publication, he would have to cover the cost of catering (please contact Agata). The registration form for the conference may be found at: http://bis.kie.ue.poznan.pl/bis2015/registration/ (please do not use this form in case of attending only the DBpedia Workshop). 

Location / Venue

The meeting will take place in the main building of Poznan University of Economics (Google Maps). Details on the room numbers will be provided soon.

Schedule (to be announced)

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