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            I was inspired by an article in today’s New York Times – if I was looking for a job and I had a microbiology background, I would look up this person:




- Steve


Steven R. Ray, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Fellow

Carnegie Mellon University

NASA Research Park

Building 23 (MS 23-11)

P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94305-0001

Email:    steve.ray@xxxxxxxxxx

Phone: (650) 587-3780

Cell:      (202) 316-6481

Skype: steverayconsulting



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1) Does anyone know of...

- Job openings (full, part-time, distance, misc.)

- PhD fellowships (in USA, Europe, misc.)

- avenues and guidance to realize personal project concepts

...in ontology-related fields, or domain-specific fields of interest?

2) Any job leads in the US, Canada or UK for persons with microbiology research background (but who are open to change fields. A friend at McGill is on the market.)?

Many thanks.


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