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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 21:24:38 -0500
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Let us see the semantic web in action.

SePublica 2015: Do show, do not tell!


Workshop website: http://sepublica.info/
Event hashtags: #SePublica #ESWC2015

in conjunction with

ESWC 2015
The 12th European Semantic Web Conference

At SePublica we are interested in addressing the question, how is Semantic Web technology being used as part of publication workflows.

Challenge us with a creative submission. Let us see and experience your take on publications for the Web of data; we want to see NEW ideas in action, INNOVATION that makes our lives easier. Is it about scholarly communication? Then what problem are you solving? How are you making the content interoperable? How is this different/better from traditional approaches?

Important Dates
* Submission deadline: 2015-03-06
* Notifications: 2015-04-03
* Camera ready version: 2015-04-17

Easychair: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=sepublica2015

Submissions will be peer reviewed. Accepted works have to be presented at the workshop (requires registering for the ESWC conference and the workshop). Every accepted submission will be published in the proceedings of the workshop.

Submission Types
### Call for Submissions
Deadline: 2015-03-06. Authors may submit their content in whatever way they consider is best for their purposes (e.g., HTML, RDFS/OWL, IPython, PDF, or any publicly executable script, etc). Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular case if necessary. We will be happy to assist authors and support them as much as we can. Submissions are format free, GIT URLs are accepted just like OWL, XML etc. However, reviewers should not have to install software in order to review the submissions. Datasets are also accepted. In all cases everything must be publicly available. For those of you submitting a PDF please use the LNCS format, 12 pages is the limit –including references. Please, note that (X)HTML(+RDFa) submissions are also welcome as long as the layout complies with the LNCS style. For example, authors may use the template provided at https://github.com/csarven/linked-research

### Call for Polemics
Deadline: 2015-04-24. We would like to invite authors to send us a one page manuscript, 20 lines max, describing their position with respect to new technologies supporting the publication workflow: What are the most pressing issues to be addressed? What is their position with respect to the overall problem? What innovation is needed? etc. Polemics authors will have only 5 minutes to present; the format of this session is sequential, after each presentation the next follows with no questions in between. There will be a discussion and summary of all the issues at the end of all the polemics session.

Issues to be addressed
* Should papers be semantically annotated?
* How would you search or query for research objects?
* How can research objects be reused?
* What is an executable semantic paper?
* How can we create interactive research documents to better communicate and educate?
* Is there a format for semantic publishing or does it require a combination of formats?
* How can research documents be persistent and archived? Which formats are preferable and why?
* If we subscribe to science, free and open access to knowledge, what's the purpose of the arrangement between conferences and publishers? Or can big conferences manage the publication themselves?
* Is there visible change towards semantic authoring and publishing? If not, what are some of the underlying challenges to get there?
* Assume a 3-year plan to transition the SW research community to completely publish using SW technologies. Identify the milestones and explain how it would happen.
* Backend use of semantics by publishers in book, news, and scholarly publishing
* Publishing data-driven arguments for general news consumption or in scholarly papers
* Historical changes in publishing since the advent of online publishing: what is going right?

Organizing Committee
* Phillip Lord
* Alexander Garcia Castro
* Sarven Capadisli
* Jodi Schneider


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