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[ontolog-forum] Ontology Summit 2015 Track A session on Ontology Integra

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From: Michael Gruninger <gruninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2015 13:09:42 -0500
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The theme of this year's Ontology Summit is
Internet of Things: Toward Smart Networked Systems and Societies
and over the next three months, we will explore how ontologies can play 
a significant role in the realization of smart networked systems and 
societies in the Internet of Things.    (01)

You are cordially invited to our next session this coming Thursday 
February 5 on the topic
Ontology Integration in IoT    (02)

The session will be chaired by Ram Sriram and Leo Obrst,
with Steve Ray, Payam Barnaghi, and Jack Hodges  as invited speakers.    (03)

* Date: Thursday, 05-Feb-2015    (04)

* Start-time: 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST / 6:30pm CEST / 5:30pm BST / 1730 
** world clock: 
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20150205T1230&p1=179    (05)

** Duration: ~2.0 hours    (06)

All other details can be found at    (07)

http://ontolog-02.cim3.net/wiki/ConferenceCall_2015_02_05    (08)

and the main Ontology Summit page at
http://ontolog-02.cim3.net/wiki/OntologySummit2015    (09)

- Michael Gruninger and Mark Underwood
Chairs, Ontology Summit 2015    (010)

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