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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 02:10:59 -0700
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As I previously mentioned, I am using log(N) as the measure of ambiguity for a concept,
where N is the number of meanings of the concept.  The ambiguity of a sentence, or a
hierarchy, is the sum of the concept ambiguities.

You can use mKE to calculate these ambiguities for you.  When mKE reads sentences,
it collects all the genus-species-unit information and stores it in a single table:
          h[concept] := GSU(g,s,u);
h is the hierarchy name
GSU is the record consisting of
          g is set of names of all genera of concept
          s is set of names of all species of concept
          u is set of names of all units of concept
The concept ambiguity is the log of the size of the genus set.
          a[concept] := log(*g);

The typical ontology hierarchy is a lattice which includes all N definitions of a concept.
For instance, in John's recent email, NLP has two meanings, and a[NLP] := 1 bit.
Hopefully, when we integrate all the available context for a sentence, the context lattice
reduces to a tree with a[h] := 0 bits and a[sentence] := 0 bits.

In mKE, you use the ambiguity command to calculate the ambiguity of a concept,
sentence or hierarchy:
         a[concept] := do ambiguity od concept in h;
         a[sentence] := do ambiguity od {sentence;} in h;
         a[h] := do ambiguity od h;

Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
What is your view?

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