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There are actually very many tutorials out there. Michael Gruninger and Michael Uschold used to give nearly yearly tutorials in the late 1990s/early 2000s. I’ve given tutorials since 2000, to VerticalNet employees, to our MITRE Institute, to conferences (OIC 2009, STIDS 2011-13), and many smaller venues, even a class at UVA, ranging from 1 to 24 hrs. in length. Michael Uschold and I had a tutorial at SemTech in 2007. Then there is the “What’s an Ontology: the Range of Semantic Models” that I gave over 2 parts at Ontology Jan. 12/19, 2006. It’s nearly the first thing you see on the Ontolog wiki home. And these are just skimming the surface.


For non-professionals, you need to target specific non-professionals, since the range is great. Most of the above are directed at those with only some technical background. For more technical folks, there are tutorials by Nicola Guarino, Chris Welty, Barry Smith, and many others.





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One observation-suggestion that came up at the just concluded Ontology Summit at NSF concerned the lack of a good

introductory tutorial on ontology.  Mark Fox noted that requests for  a useful tutorial comes up in conversations. Mark has been

unable to find one good one that he can refer people to, although there are articles, some dated, and tutorials that address

a few aspect of the topics such as intros to representation languages.


The OntologySummit2010 Communiqué touched on the need for professional ontology trained 

"Creating the Ontologists of the Future", but not one for non-professionals. Perhaps this forum is one place to share 

ideas on the ingredients of such a tutorial and how it might be created.  Mark and Mike Gruninger thought that a 4 week

 effort by the right people might be needed to craft such a product.  Perhaps IAOA would sponsor such an effort.




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