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I've had a lot of problems communicating with the members of
this forum.  I just barely know how to speak your language, so
I have frequently  used the wrong words to describe my ideas.
Today I will try to be extra careful with my wording, and stick
to the facts, without making any unprovable claims.

mKR is a hybrid combination of English and the UNIX shell
language.  It has a well-defined grammar which is much
simpler than ordinary English.  There is no conjugation of
verbs, no verb tenses, no singular and plural forms, etc.
Actions/commands and questions play an important role
in mKR; they are needed to describe how knowledge changes
over time.  Most of the features of the UNIX shell (and the
Unicon) language are available in mKR; it really is a general
purpose programming language.

The most important feature of mKR is the naming of propositions.
The original purpose of this feature was simply to specify the
"view" context of a proposition.  I only realized its greater
significance after talking with Pat Hayes and John Sowa about
the IKL language.

I myself don't quite know how to view the use of English words
in mKR.  I think it makes the user interface more appealing.
As John recently remarked [my paraphrase here], the ability of
English speakers to redefine words according to context makes
English a very useful language.

As for proving the theoretical properties of this strange, hybrid
language -- good luck to anybody who can do it.

End of statement.
Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
mKE and the mKR language
mKR/mKE tutorial

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