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[ontolog-forum] Call for speakers (deadline March 20): Taxonomy Boot Cam

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*** Apologies for cross-posting ***

10th annual Taxonomy Boot Camp
November 4-5 as part of KMWorld
Washington, DC
Deadline: March 20, 2014 

The 10th annual Taxonomy Boot Camp will be held again in Washington DC from November 4-5 as part of KMWorld.  The call for speakers is now open, deadline for proposals is March 20.  Proposals for individual sessions, panels and workshops are all welcome, covering any aspect of taxonomy/ontology/vocabulary design, management, integration and use.  See full details at http://www.taxonomybootcamp.com/2014/, or submit your proposal online at http://www.taxonomybootcamp.com/2014/CallForSpeakers.aspx
Taxonomy Boot Camp brings together practitioners and experts in taxonomy, vendors who have created tools to help manage your taxonomies, and novices who are starting out in the world of information management.  Two parallel tracks on the first day provide those new to the field with the nuts and bolts they need to get up to speed, and expert practitioners with insights into how other professionals have made their organizations more successful through better use of taxonomies.  On the second day of the Boot Camp, everyone shares in case studies, practical sessions on taxonomy tools and their use, and cutting edge developments in the field.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about tools and techniques you can use to bring your information clouds together, and meet the people who can help you be successful in your efforts.

Michael Crandall, Conference Chair
Senior Lecturer and Director, iAffiliates Program
  and Chair, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
The Information School
Box 352840
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98105-2840

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