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This is what has become of the erstwhile ISO OntoIOP project.  It is now a formal new work item for the Object Management Group.  The RFP asks for a draft proposed technical specification.  Because the given document reference is probably password-protected for OMG members, I attach the RFP text.  All of the technical meat of the RFP – the scope and requirements -- is in section 6.


The principals from the ISO project are Till Mossakowski (Till.Mossakowski@xxxxxxx) and Fabian Neuhaus (fneuhaus@xxxxxx), who have been active participants in ISO Common Logic and other ontology language projects.


The primary reasons for the change of venue are two:

(1) OMG adopted specifications are freely available on the Web, and they can become ISO specifications via an ISO process available to recognized standards development organizations; and

(2) Proposals for an OMG standard must be accompanied by some organizational commitments to implement the standard, ensuring that it is not just shelfware.  (Not every participant in the development must commit to implement, but some must.)


Much of sections 1-5 of the attached document are about (2) above.  The rest is about the form of a proposed specification, which must satisfy the ISO structural requirements, among others.




From: Juergen Boldt [mailto:juergen@xxxxxxx]
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Subject: OntoIOp RFP available
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the Ontology, Model and Specification Integration and Interoperability (OntoIOp) RFP issued at the OMG TC meeting in Santa Clara with the document number ad/2013-12-02 is now available at

The work in progress of this RFP, containing all relevant deadlines and a link to the RFP itself is located at

LOI and voting lists are now open. Every OMG member, except Trial members and Analyst members, can be added to the voting list.
Members and non-OMG members, who are interested in submitting a response to this RFP, can submit a letter of intent. Nevertheless, a appropriate membership level, in this case Platform or Contributing membership level, is required by the initial submission date.

Looking forward to your submissions



Juergen Boldt
Director, Member Services
109 Highland Ave
Needham, MA 02494 USA

Tel:  781 444 0404 x 132
fax:  781 444 0320


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