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From: John Erickson <erickj4@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [tetherless-ugrad] REMINDER: TWed This Week (Weds, 7p): "Semantic Web Development Methodology in Practice: The I-Choose Ontology as a Use Case"
Date: April 3, 2013 10:39:22 AM EDT
To: Tetherless World <tetherless@xxxxxxxxxx>, Undergrads <tetherless-ugrad@xxxxxxxxxx>

REMINDER of this evening's TWed; looking forward to seeing you at what
should be a great event!

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 10:17 PM, John Erickson <erickj4@xxxxxxx> wrote:
"There's always something happening Wednesday evenings in the Tetherless

Please join us Wednesday, 7p in Winslow 1140 for a very special TWed led by
a team of collaborators from the University of Albany and TWC RPI: "Semantic
Web Development Methodology in Practice: The iChoose Ontology as a Use Case"

DESCRIPTION: For this TWed talk, we will introduce the NIST-funded
Generalized Ontology Evaluation Framework (GOEF) as well as discuss its
application in ontology-oriented projects. GOEF features a 2-stage approach
for evaluating ontologies: First, to recast a formalized use case into its
components, and second, to evaluate a target ontology against these
components using objective metrics.

Prior to discussing GOEF, we will first provide an overview of one of its
case study systems.  I-Choose is a current NSF funded research project at
the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) at the University of Albany,
aimed at developing an interoperable data framework to support smart
consumer choices focusing on sustainable third party certification.
Subsequently, we will present one use case of I-Choose specifically focusing
on the case of a customer advocate verifying compliance to Fairtrade
certification criteria for child labor and the ontology related to it.

Following discussion of I-Choose, we will then present GOEF in the context
of existing Semantic Web development methodologies. We will apply the
2-staged approach of GOEF to describing the following things: (i) the
functional objective of a use case, (ii) its design objective and
requirements specification, and (iii) the semantic components required by
the use case. We will then identify objective metrics for evaluating the
semantic components pertinent to I-Choose use case. Finally, we will
conclude our presentation by outlining the role of provenance in both
I-Choose and GOEF.

Nicolau dePaula: Nic is a PhD student in Information Science at the
University at Albany. His interests are in e-government, knowledge
management, and information policy.

James Michaelis: James is a research assistant and PhD student in RPI's
Tetherless World Constellation Lab, working under Professors Deborah
McGuinness and James Hendler.  His research is centered on the design of
explanation interfaces for intelligence gathering systems. Additionally, he
has conducted prior work on techniques for logging processing activities
within Semantic Web enabled systems.

Grace Begany: Grace is a first-year student in the Information Science PhD
Program at the University of Albany.  Her primary specialization is in
Knowledge Organization and Management with a secondary specialization in
Information in Government and Democratic Society. She is currently a
graduate assistant in the Department of Informatics handling a variety of
duties related to the administration of the Information Science PhD program.
Grace holds a Master’s degree in Journalism, with a specialty in Science and
Environmental Reporting, from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in
Psychology-Biology from Mount Holyoke College

Djoko Sigit Sayogo: Djoko is PhD student at Rockefeller College of Public
Administration and Policy and graduate assistant at the Center for
Technology in Government, the University at Albany, SUNY. He is currently
involved in the I-Choose research project at the Center for Technology in
Government. His research interests include e-government, collaborative
network, and data sharing.

Jana Hrdinova: Jana is a Program Associate at the Center for Technology in
Government. University at Albany, SUNY

Joanne Luciano: Joanne is a Research Associate Professor in the Tetherless
World Constellation, the Principal Investigator for GOEF, and the I-CHOOSE
Ontology Development advisor.

TWed Logistics (Spring 2013):
* TWed schedule: http://tw.rpi.edu/web/twed#schedule* 7p-9p, 1st floor
Winslow (1140)
* We try to alternate TWed Talks with TWed Hackspaces. The alternating
pattern of TWed Talks and TWed Hackspaces may "off" due to leader
availability and Institute scheduling.
* Pizza or snacks will be provided for TWed Talks
* Live video streams of TWed Talks will usually be available via ustream
* An archive of past TWed Talks are also available on ustream. Direct
links can be found in the schedule (below)
* TWed Talks from previous terms are archived; topical archive coming soon!

About TWed:
* "TWed Talks" are informal overview talks and tutorials on topics of
interest to the Tetherless World community. TWed gives members of the
lab the chance to share tools and expertise. TWed talks are not
lectures; they are expected to be highly interactive and fun. TWed
leaders are encouraged to include live "hack" activities in their
session plans.
* "TWed Hackspaces" during the TWed time are informal group work
sessions inspired by the Hackerspace movement. This is a time when TWC
people will "be around" and you can rely on the "right" people being
available to answer your questions and help with your hacks. This is
also a great opportunity for project teams to "hack" together on
problems, with the knowledge and resources of TWC surrounding you.

John S. Erickson, Ph.D.
Director, Web Science Operations
Tetherless World Constellation (RPI)
<http://tw.rpi.edu> <erickj4@xxxxxxx>
Twitter & Skype: olyerickson

John S. Erickson, Ph.D.
Director, Web Science Operations
Tetherless World Constellation (RPI)
<http://tw.rpi.edu> <erickj4@xxxxxxx>
Twitter & Skype: olyerickson

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