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[ontolog-forum] ODLS 2013: 1st Call for Papers (Workshop on Ontologies a

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Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 16:26:23 +0100
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       -------------------------------------------------------    (01)

 Call for Papers     >> ODLS 2013 <<     Sep 19-20, Koblenz, Germany    (02)

        Submission deadline:   Apr 22, 2013    (preliminary)    (03)

        [1]  http://tinyurl.com/odls-2013-en   (in English)
             http://tinyurl.com/odls-2013      (in German)    (04)

                       ------------------    (05)

   Workshop of Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences (ODLS 2013)    (06)

                 part of  INFORMATIK 2013 [2]                      (07)

Goals of the Workshop
---------------------    (08)

Medicine, biology and life sciences produce hardly manageable and
comprehensible amounts of data, information, and knowledge. Their
computer-based processing, integration, as well as their conceptual
foundation and application presents ever new challenges to existing
methods of knowledge representation, data bases, and data analysis.
In the life sciences, enormous data sets are being produced in
connection with biological and medical experiments, aiming to unravel
biological interconnections for a better understanding in order to
offer patients the best possible therapies. Data management and data
processing in the life sciences ranges from the best possible
integration and usage of distributed, heterogeneous data to the best
possible obfuscation of medical data.    (09)

This workshop integrates workshops of two series: the workshop series
"Data in Life Sciences" and "Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life
Sciences" (OBML), thereby connecting two important areas of biomedical
research. This connection covers the overall spectrum of biomedical
information processing, from experimental data acquisition and data
management, across analysis, structuring and interpretation of data,
up to the development of structures of knowledge in the form of
ontologies with their various applications.    (010)

The workshop pursues the aim to gather scientists that work in these
fields in order to exchange ideas, to discuss new results and to
inspire collaboration. The workshop has an interdisciplinary
character. It fosters the collaboration between ontologists, computer
scientists, bio-informaticians, medical information scientists,
applied logicians, as well as cooperations with physicians,
bio-chemists, and biometricians.    (011)

------    (012)

We invite submissions in all areas of biomedical ontology and data
management. The following topics are relevant, yet others related
to these basic topics are likewise welcome:    (013)

 - Integration, management and retrieval of big data and/or complex
   data sets
 - Curation of data in life sciences
 - Visualisation of data in life sciences
 - Generic transformation of clinical data into Semantic Web standards
 - Data protection of clinical data
 - Omics-data for diagnosis and therapy
 - Ontologies in the field of biology, medicine and clinical research,
   for example
  -- Ontologies for the specification of clinical trials and medical
  -- Process ontologies in systems biology and in medicine
  -- Ontologies in neuro biology 
 - Ontologies in knowledge representation
   (for example, formal ontology of time and space, formal ontology of
    properties, roles and functions)
 - Methods and tools for development, management and application of
   ontologies (for example, applications in the Semantic Web)    (014)

Submission instructions
Submissions to the workshop should comprise 2-4 pages. Contributions
in English are highly recommended, but submissions in German can also
be accepted.    (015)

The preferred file format for submissions is PDF, other admitted
formats are Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX) and Postscript (PS).
Please use the corresponding template for submissions, either
the LaTeX template or the Microsoft Word template.    (016)

Submissions must be submitted via ConfTool (used by INFORMATIK 2013):    (017)

[3] https://www.conftool.pro/informatik2013/     (018)

Accepted papers appear in the series GI-Edition Lecture Notes in
Informatics (LNI) [4], if at least one author registers by June 30.
After the workshop authors of selected contributions will be invited
to submit extended versions (in English) to the Journal of Biomedical
Semantics [5].    (019)

Important Dates
---------------    (020)

Submission deadline:      April 22, 2013
Author notification:      May 20, 2013
Registration of
at least one author:      June 30, 2013
Submission of
camera-ready manuscripts: July 1, 2013
ODLS Workshop:            September 19-20, 2013    (021)

--------    (022)

ODLS 2013 is part of INFORMATIK 2013 [2], which will take place in
Koblenz, Germany, at Campus Koblenz of the University of Koblenz-Landau.    (023)

Invited Speakers
 TBA   (see [1] for updates)    (024)

------------    (025)

Heinrich Herre, University of Leipzig     (contact for ontology)
Wolfgang Müller, HITS gGmbH, Heidelberg   (contact for data management)    (026)

Robert Hoehndorf, University of Cambridge, UK 
Ralf Hofestädt, University of Bielefeld
Klaus A. Kuhn, University of Technology Munich
Frank Loebe, University of Leipzig    (027)

Local Organization
University of Koblenz-Landau
INFORMATIK 2013 Conference Secretariat [6]
Ruth Ehrenstein    (028)

Program committee
 TBA   (see [1] for updates)    (029)

[1] Workshop website    (030)

    http://tinyurl.com/odls-2013-en   (in English)    (031)

    http://tinyurl.com/odls-2013      (in German)    (032)

[2] http://informatik2013.de    (033)

[3] Submission system
    https://www.conftool.pro/informatik2013/    (034)

[4] http://www.gi.de/service/publikationen/lni.html    (035)

[5] http://www.jbiomedsem.com/    (036)

[6] confsec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (037)

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