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Sorry – post this to the wrong thread:

Anyways, re: this statement:

  1. Why aren't mainstream IT and web sites using ontologies?
A: A small number are using Dublin Core

Actually, any PDF made in the last 6 years has DC embedded in it is XMP.
The number is not small, it is literally in the 100,000,000's.  If you
don't believe me, take any PDF on your hard drive, open it with a text
editor and search for the string "RDF" or XMP.  Save with any JPEG, GIF,
PNG etc created with Adobe tooling.  Now just using DC isn't using an
ontology but XMP is extensible and I do know of some fairly intense uses
of ontology within XMP.  The only complaint is that it does not support
the triples structure.

I would argue Adobe was ahead of the curve as Google/Yahoo are.  There are
over thousands of code samples on how they have used it for over a decade:


Yahoo is equally impressive.

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