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-----------------------------------------------------------------    (01)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION  [ registration reminder + accepted posters ]    (02)

    >>>  FOIS 2012  <<<     Jul 24-27, Graz, Austria    (03)

             [1]  http://purl.org/icbofois2012    (04)

-> Approaching DEADLINES:    (05)

 * Regular registration fees apply until:             Jun 30, 2012
 * Complimentary registration (in special cases [4]): Jul 06, 2012    (06)

-> Newly added: list of accepted posters    (07)

------------------------------------------------    (08)

Seventh International Conference on
   Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2012)
                               July, 24-27, 2012 in Graz, Austria    (09)

               held together with the    (010)

Third International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO 2012)    (011)

------------------------------------------------    (012)

Researchers in diverse areas increasingly recognize the need
for serious engagement with ontology, understood as a general
theory of the types of entities and relations making up their
respective domains of enquiry, in providing a solid foundation
for their work. Among these areas there are    (013)

  * conceptual modeling,
   * database design,
    * software engineering,
     * organizational modeling,
      * artificial intelligence,
       * computational linguistics,
        * the life sciences,
         * bioinformatics,
          * geographic information science,
           * knowledge engineering,
            * information retrieval, and
             * the semantic web.    (014)

The FOIS conference is designed to provide a meeting
point for interdisciplinary research and communication for
researchers from all interested disciplines. The conference
series [2] began with the first meeting in Trento, Italy in
June 1998 followed by meetings in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, and
2010. The seventh FOIS conference will be held in Graz, Austria
July 24-27, 2012, in conjunction with the third International
Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO 2012).    (015)

For further general information on FOIS, the flagship conference
of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications
(IAOA) [3], please consult the websites of FOIS 2012 [1] or
the conference series website [2].    (016)

------------------------------------------------    (017)

Regular registration (300 - 620 EUR):        until Jun 30, 2012  <--
Complimentary registration (special cases):  until Jul 06, 2012  <--
Late registration    (350 - 720 EUR):        until Jul 27, 2012    (018)

         Conference dates:     Jul 24-27, 2012    (019)

Complimentary registration is only available to a very limited
set of cases. Concerning regular registration, there are special
rates for combining FOIS and ICBO. Additional rates apply per
tutorial and per workshop. For details, please see [4-6].    (020)

Note that the periods for early registration and for applications
for travel funding are over.    (021)

[4]  http://www.kr-med.org/icbofois2012/registration.htm    (022)

------------------------------------------------    (023)

"Observing Formal Ontology from the Street"
Steven R. Ray   (Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, California, USA)    (024)

"Improving the Coherence of Lexical Resources and Ontologies"
Laure Vieu      (CNRS-IRIT, Toulouse, France)    (025)

"A Computational, Meta-Ontological Framework"
Edward N. Zalta (Stanford University, California, USA)    (026)

ACCEPTED POSTERS                                        <--  ! NEW !
------------------------------------------------    (027)

* A Semantic Approach to Personalizing Routes
                  (Vladimir Luna, Marco Moreno and Rolando Quintero)    (028)

* Adverse Events Following Immunization
              (Melanie Courtot, Ryan R Brinkman and Alan Ruttenberg)    (029)

* Vulnerability Ranking of Geographic Objects using Conceptual
  Representations (Imelda Escamilla, Marco Moreno and Miguel Torres)    (030)

* Ontology-based Framework for Policy-driven Governance in Cloud
  Application Platforms (Dimitrios Kourtesis and Iraklis Paraskakis)    (031)

* Korean Food Ontology                                  (Eugene Kim)    (032)

* Adaptive Ontology Based Index and Search Process in
  Digital Libraries                               (Emanuel Reiterer)    (033)

* Ontology-driven Information System for the Knowledge Transmission
  in Prevention Education
            (Susanna Pivetti, Roberta Gazzarata and Mauro Giacomini)    (034)

* Ontological Representation of Metaphors: A Case-Study
                                                 (Francesca Quattri)    (035)

* Extracting Domain Ontologies from Italian Texts: An Approach with
  Finite State Transducers                           (Edoardo Salza)    (036)

* 4 + 1 View Model for the Process of Generating Consistent Labels
  in the Financial Domain                           (Dagmar Gromann)    (037)

* Semantic and Intelligent Search of Geospatial Datasets
               (Julio C. Vizcarra Romero, Miguel J. Torres Ruiz and
                                            Rolando Quintero Tellez)    (038)

* Part-whole Relations in Conceptual Spaces
               (Sandro Rama Fiorini, Peter Gärdenfors and Mara Abel)    (039)

------------------------------------------------    (040)

The following conference paper submissions have been accepted for
presentation at FOIS 2012:    (041)

* Ontology of Time in GFO
                     (Ringo Baumann, Frank Loebe and Heinrich Herre)    (042)

* States, Processes and Events, and the Ontology of Causal Relations
                                                     (Antony Galton)    (043)

* Three Semantics for the Core of the Distributed Ontology Language
                 (Till Mossakowski, Christoph Lange and Oliver Kutz)    (044)

* Probability assignments to dispositions in ontologies
                (Adrien Barton, Anita Burgun and Régis Duvauferrier)    (045)

* The mysterious appearance of objects
            (Roberta Ferrario, Emanuele Bottazzi and Claudio Masolo)    (046)

* A Method for Evaluating Ontologies: Introducing the BFO-Rigidity
  Decision Tree Wizard                                   (Ali Seyed)    (047)

* Does your ontology make a (sense) difference?      (Pawel Garbacz)    (048)

* Axiomatizing Change-of-state Words
                             (Niloofar Montazeri and Jerry R. Hobbs)    (049)

* Using Partial Automorphisms to Design Process Ontologies
                                                      (Bahar Aameri)
* Toward a Commonsense Theory of Microsociology:        
  Interpersonal Relationships
                    (Jerry Hobbs, Alicia Sagae and Suzanne Wertheim)    (050)

* Suggestions for Galaxy Workflow Design Using Semantically
  Annotated Services
  (Alok Dhamanaskar, Michael Cotterell, Jie Zheng, Jessie Kissinger,
                                Christian Stoeckert and John Miller)    (051)

* An Ontology for Skill and Competency Management
                              (Maryam Fazel-Zarandi and Mark S. Fox)    (052)

* A Temporal Extension of the Hayes/ter Horst Entailment Rules and
  an Alternative to W3C's N-ary Relations      (Hans-Ulrich Krieger)    (053)

* A method for re-engineering a thesaurus into an ontology
 (Daniel Kless, Ludger Jansen, Jutta Lindenthal and Jens Wiebensohn)    (054)

* Preliminaries to a formal ontology of failure of
  engineering artifacts                             (Luca Del Frate)    (055)

* The Void in Hydro Ontology    (Torsten Hahmann and Boyan Brodaric)    (056)

* Integrating OntoClean's Notion of Unity and Identity with a
  Theory of Classes and Types                            (Ali Seyed)    (057)

* Maturation of Neuroscience Information Framework:
  An Ontology Driven Information System for Neuroscience
      (Fahim Imam, Stephen Larson, Anita Bandrowski, Jeffrey Grethe,
                                Amarnath Gupta and Mary Ann Martone)    (058)

* Elements for a linguistic ontology in the verbal domain
                                                      (Tovena Lucia)    (059)

* Towards A Unified Definition of Function
          (Riichiro Mizoguchi, Yoshinobu Kitamura and Stefano Borgo)    (060)

* The Date-Time Vocabulary
                       (Mark Linehan, Ed Barkmeyer and Stan Hendryx)    (061)

* Interactive Semantic Feedback for Intuitive Ontology Authoring
 (Ronald Denaux, Dhavalkumar Thakker, Vania Dimitrova and Anthony Cohn)    (062)

* Ontology Content "At A Glance"
                     (Gökhan Coskun, Mario Rothe and Adrian Paschke)    (063)

* Towards the Ontological Commitment of a Database Schema on the
  Geological Domain  (Alda Maria Silva and Maria Claudia Cavalcanti)     (064)

------------------------------------------------    (065)

Conference chair:
   Michael Gruninger   (University of Toronto, Canada)    (066)

Program chairs:
   Maureen Donnelly    (University at Buffalo, USA)
   Giancarlo Guizzardi (Fed. Univ. of Espírito Santo, Brazil)    (067)

Local organization:
   Stefan Schulz       (Graz University, Austria)    (068)

For the FOIS program committee, please see the
FOIS 2012 website [1].    (069)

------------------------------------------------    (070)

[1] http://purl.org/icbofois2012
 ==  http://www.kr-med.org/icbofois2012
    FOIS and ICBO 2012 website    (071)

[2] http://www.formalontology.org/
    FOIS conference series    (072)

[3] http://www.iaoa.org
    International Association for Ontology and Its Applications    (073)

[4] http://www.kr-med.org/icbofois2012/registration.htm
    FOIS/ICBO page with registration information    (074)

[5] http://de.amiando.com/icbofois2012registration.html
    FOIS/ICBO online registration    (075)

[6] http://www.kr-med.org/icbofois2012/graph/rates.png
    FOIS/ICBO registration rates overview
-----------------------------------------------------------------    (076)

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