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Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 22:48:18 +0000
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John,    (01)

Comments below.    (02)

Leo    (03)

> However, semantics may also obscure the ontological analysis
> because we do catch on the ways to refer and not necessarily
> the referents.    (04)

I think you meant "semantic notations" rather than semantics.
In any case, I agree that many people confuse semantics with some
particular notation.  I also agree that *every notation*, including
NLs can cause that kind of confusion.  That's why it's important
to learn more than one NL.    (05)

My recommendation is to learn *multiple* notations and practice
translating from one to the other.  The patterns that remain
invariant through all the translations are far more fundamental
than the quirks of any particular version.    (06)

[Leo: ] No, John, that is NOT what I meant. It is NOT about "semantic 
notations". Instead it is ABOUT "semantic analysis". Semantic analysis is NOT 
the same as ontological analysis. So I meant what I said. Don't confuse 
semantics with ontology: they are distinct, though they obviously influence 
each other.    (07)

By the way, I had moved this to the more general [ontology-forum] list in my 
reply.     (08)

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