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Forwarding...    (01)

-------------------------    (02)

*International Conference on Social Robotics*    (03)

29th - 31st October 2012, Chengdu China    (04)

http://www.icsoro.org <http://www.icsoro.org/>    (05)

*Call for Papers*    (06)

The theme of the 2012 conference is "Wellness." This theme gives focus
on the potential and capabilities of social robots to assist humans
achieve better physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. The
conference aims to foster discussion on the development of computational
models, robotic embodiments, and behavior that enable social robots to
have an impact on the human partner's health and well-being.    (07)

*Important Dates*    (08)

     Invited Session Proposal Submission: 1 April 2012
     *Paper Submission: 1 May 2012*
     Notification: 15 July 2012
     Camera Ready Papers: 15 August 2012
     Conference: 29-31 October 2012    (09)

*The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:*    (010)

      > Exoskeletons in human-robot interactions    (011)

      > Robots to assist persons with disabilities    (012)

      > Socially assistive robotics    (013)

      > Applications in health care and aged care    (014)

      > Rehabilitation robotics    (015)

      > Biomechatronics, neuro-robotics, and biomedical robotics    (016)

      > Affective and cognitive sciences for socially interactive robots    (017)

      > Personal robots for the home    (018)

      > Human-robot interaction and robot-robot interaction    (019)

      > Social acceptance and impact in the society    (020)

      > Robot ethics in human society    (021)

      > Context awareness, expectation and intention understanding    (022)

      > Design philosophies and socially appealing design methodologies    (023)

      > Human factors and ergonomics in human-robot interactions    (024)

      > Intelligent control and artificial intelligence for social robotics    (025)

      > Information acquisition and decision making    (026)

      > Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and 
environments    (027)

      > Multimodal sensor fusion and communication    (028)

      > Compliance, safety and compatibility in the design of social
     robots "living” with humans    (029)

      > Software architecture and development tools    (030)

      > Models of human and animal social behavior as applied to robots    (031)

      > Applications in education, entertainment and gaming    (032)

Selected papers will be invited for publication as a Special Issue in
the International Journal of Social Robotics.    (033)

*Organizing Committees*    (034)

*General Chairs*    (035)

Shuzhi Sam Ge /University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,
//and National University of Singapore/    (036)

Oussama Khatib /Stanford University, USA/    (037)

*Program Chairs*    (038)

John-John Cabibihan /National University of Singapore, Singapore/    (039)

Reid Simmons /Carnegie Mellon University, USA/    (040)

Mary-Anne Williams /University of Technology, Sydney, Australia/    (041)

*Organizing Committee Chair*    (042)

Kaiyu Qin /University of Electronics Science and Technology of China/    (043)

*Publicity Chair*    (044)

Guido Herrmann /University of Bristol, UK/    (045)

*Publication Chair*    (046)

Martin Saerbeck /Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR),
Singapore/    (047)

*Special Session Chairs*    (048)

Gordon Cheng /Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany/    (049)

Adriana Tapus /École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées, France/    (050)

*Robot Design Competition Chairs*    (051)

Tay Hwang Jian Adrian /Agency for Science, Technology and Research
(A*STAR), Singapore/    (052)

Ho Seok Ahn /Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea/    (053)

*International Advisory Board*    (054)

Ronald Arkin /Georgia Institute of Technology, USA/    (055)

Jong-Hwan Kim /Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea/    (056)

Haizhou Li /Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore/    (057)

Maja J Matarić**/University of Southern California, USA/    (058)

Tzyh Jong Tarn /Washington University in St. Louis, USA, and //Tsinghua
University, China/    (059)

*International Program Committee *    (060)

Arvin Agah
Brenna Argall
Kai O. Arras
Luca Brayda
Frank Broz
Maria Chiara Carrozza
Ryad Chellali
Xiaoping Chen
Gamini Dissanayake
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh
Jaap Ham
Takayuki Kanda
Kolja Kühnlenz
Bruce MacDonald
Ben Robins
Selma Šabanović
Miguel A Salichs
Wing Chee So
Aaron Steinfeld
Yeow Kee Tan
Keng Peng Tee
Andrea Thomaz
Astrid Weiss
Agnieszka Wykowska
Wenzeng Zhang
Xianggang Zhang    (061)

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